Sunday, December 9, 2012

Doctor Who-State Of Decay
                                 On route to discover a way out of E-Space,the doctor and Romana come upon a planet where they detect the recent use of advanced technology. After confronting local village peasants and asking about scientists,they meet up with a man whose recently uncovered advanced technology the doctor is able to decipher information of a crashed Earth expedition on this world,keep advanced technology from the villagers who are descendants of their own former crew. This is confirmed when Adric,whose stowed away on board the TARDIS leaves to investigate. He is taken in by another family of villagers,who themselves are taken in by one of the lords named Aukon for a ritual called "the selection",by which a chosen one of the villagers is bought in to serve these lords. While being seduced by the possibility of power the doctor and Romana confront two of the other lords Camilla and Zargo,only to find their shadowy palace is in fact the Earth spaceship crashed on that world.

                                When Camilla and Zargo are called away,the doctor and Romana set off to explore the spaceship and are confronted first by a resevior filled not with fuel for the ship but of fresh blood,with the doctor coming to the understanding that the descendants of the Earth ship's crew have become vampires.They are than confronted by Aukon who speaks of using this blood to feed a enormous overlord creature. While being imprisoned as Adric is prepared to join the lords,the doctor comes to the conclusion first that the Aukon,Camilla and Zargo are in fact the actual crew of the Earth ship. And that their overlord creature is the last survivor of an ancient Gallifreyan vampire race destroyed by the time lords in the time of Rassilon. While the doctor researches with the restored K-9 aboard the TARDIS,Romana attempts to rescure Adric. It is only after the doctor leads the villagers in a revolt,and manages to launch the escape vehicle from the Earth ship to destroy the original vampire,and therefore the others that the villagers can begin to understand the technology that may at last get them out of E-Space as they doctor and Romana return to the TARDIS,with the intention of return Adric back to his star liner.

                          In this story the doctor,usually portrayed as a character who knows more than he lets on,is forced to confronting something even he genuinely fears as he realizes the source of the trouble on the planet he's visiting is part of his people's ancient history. And that Gallifrey,as with Earth and many other planets,has legends of vampires-only there's are very real. Also the sociological schism between the Lords and the villagers,while strongly related to the Lords state as vampires,offers some insight into the inner workings of a decaying feudal despotism. The Lords have created a system of intimidation by which the primitive villagers fear even the concept of developing. In that way both societies,though coming from the same source,have de-evolved into a corrupt and decedent society. Adric,a wily and intelligent adolescent manages to manipulate the situation into his favor. Or so he thinks,even as he is almost bought into the ritual of selection without his full awareness. In the end the entire affair is more than a humbling event for the doctor himself.
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