Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Doctor Who-Full Circle
                                                   On route to Gallifrey where a crestfallen Romana believes she will have to leave her adventures with the doctor in his TARDIS behind the the TARDIS along with Romana,K-9 and the doctor are buffeted by a massive spacial disruption. The viewer indicates that they have arrived on Gallifrey. But upon leaving the TARDIS the doctor and Romana find themselves on a world that is definitely not Gallifrey.  It is in fact the planet Alzarius. While the doctor is looking to sleuth out his situation the locals,concerned as to stolen melons soon find more on their hands than mere thievery. The local rivers are starting to bubble,and emerging from this are lifeforms the locals refer to as Marshmen. One of the Deciders,a leader of this colony is killed despite one of the thieves,name of Adric's attempt to save his life. For his part Adric runs to flea from the other deciders and happens upon the TARDIS to meet the doctor and Romana,who discover his wounds healing very fast.

                                     Adric is a member of a group of youth descenders called themselves the Outlers. They contend that the deciders and their followers,who are devoting their existence to repairing their star liner to return to their native world of Terredon. While the Deciders have concluded that the bubbling water known as Mistfall is toxic to them and they must remain inside their spaceship during the phenomenon. In the meantime,while the Doctor has gained access to the sealed star liner Adric and the other Outlers,including the daughter of the new decider Logan,take over the TARDIS and accidentally move it into the star liner. In the meantime K-9's investigation of the Marshmen resulted in his destruction. While Romana's investigation leads the TARDIS to end up trapped inside the Marshmen's cave and bitten by newly hatched and spider like creatures. By the time the doctor finds her,her memory has begun to fade away mysteriously.

                                         It is at this point the doctor himself confronts the three Alzarian Deciders,a council who are leading their people in a generations long journey to repair their star liner due to Alzarius's atmosphere changing every 50 years due to it moving closer to it's son. While they come to trust the doctors knowledge,the doctor himself is not so pleased when he discovers that the Alzarian scientist Dexeter is conducting experiments to reveal how the Marshmen have adapted so well to their environment and they,to their knowledge haven't.  While utilization the liners laboratory the doctor is soon menaced by Marshmen and Romana,who is being influenced by a phenomenon the doctor soon discovers in the lab. That Dexester,the Marshmen and the spider's all share the same DNA. And that the crew of the star liner's own needless mission has been them distracting themselves from the truth all along. Inventing a syrum that cures Romana,she and the doctor-along with the remains of K-9 escape. At this point the doctor concludes that the TARDIS is trapped in a parallel universe called Exo (Or E-Space) from a a wormhole like phenomenon known as Charged Vacuum Embodiment or CVE.

                                  At the time this story was aired,the concept of the mulitverse as it is often now called,with quantum physics and wormholes,was not known to the mass of the public and the idea of something like E-space was actually a very intriguing scientific concept. Plot wise however,their is another interesting scientific construct pointed to with a planet where the ancestors  of the natives lived in a perpetual feedback loop and forgot who they were-pointing to another modern theory that humans ourselves may not be genetically native to Earth. Though scientifically ahead of it's time,this story also spun off some unique characters. Torn between his daughter,Logan has the effect of being a very sympathetic character here. And therefore is the earliest and most motivated character to assist the doctor. While internal staff wrangling over the relevance of K-9 resulted in his destruction in this story,they add the character of Adric. He emerges as a petty thief/"Artful Dodger character" as the writers refer to him whose intellectual ability leads him to both his life of petty crime and onto a better life as a stowaway on the TARDIS. That,however,is a different story.

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